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What is this project about?

Is beauty what is beautiful or is beauty what is liked? Which animals attract us most from an aesthetic point of view and what role does beauty play in our decision to protect and preserve certain endangered species rather than others? Does the fact that a particular animal form appears beautiful or ugly, disgusting or pretty, act as a driver or deterrent in our decision to care for it and implement protection strategies?

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European butterflies

Which and how many European butterflies are there? How do they look? Why are they called that way? In this section you will find thematic factsheets on some of the species we have selected, explaining the etymology of their scientific names and presenting some interesting details. The gallery was created thanks to the collaboration of our naturalist photographer Marco Bonifacino.

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Butterflies in poetry

“And nocturnal flowers blossom when my loved ones I remember. Among the clusters of viburnum crepuscular butterflies appeared.”

Giovanni Pascoli,
“Il Gelsomino notturno” (The Night-blooming Jasmine).

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